Why APIs?

APIs are becoming the single most important way to share your own data securely with others.

Learn what APIs can do for you.

Business generation


APIs help sharing data securely, with the right level of protection. This helps creates new business strategies and new ways of income, many times driven by developer communities.

Business flexibility


APIs allow re-usability of "services" or "functionalities" to help build new capabilities. This helps generate a process to implement new products or ideas much faster.

Value visibility


Through APIs, data access can be fully scrutinised in real time, which allows to measure user experience effectiveness, at the same time that can help monetise consumption.

IT productivity


APIs help drive microservices-based architectures, where the right technology or tool can be used to fix a specific problem. This increases reusability of components, IT productivity and removes vendor locking implications.

Security concerns


API Gateways help enforce sharing APIs with internal or external audiences, setting the right level of protection, depending of the data being accessed.

Service Continuity


API Gateways can also help enforce throttling and rate limiting policies, that can help protect underlying applications and avoid service attacks.

What APIs?

We have built a playpen with real APIs for you to play and interact with. The idea is to give you a quick experience on what APIs can do for you.

5 minutes to APIs...

APIs Lifecycle

Generating APIs with Oracle Apiary and API Platform is simple.

There are 4 main steps to go through:


  • Describe use case / storyboard
  • Define Business objects involved
  • Decide Permitted operations
  • Build API descriptor
  • Share mock/prototype


  • Choose right tool or polyglot
  • TDD via provided Test Framework
  • Enable Continuous Integration Testing
  • Configure External APIs
  • Link External APIs to implementation


  • Choose level of proteccion via policies
  • Choose target API GW (geographies)
  • Deploy APIs (cloud or local)
  • Choose APIs to share (Dev communicty)
  • Advertise APIs (inetrnal/external)


  • Visualise utilisation metrics
  • Filter by days/weeks/months/years
  • Analyse consumption
  • Prioritise products or Initiatives
  • Action changes based on visibility

Happy API consumers


API hits per day


APIs registrations per day



Video Gallery

We found that videos are a great way to share information.

The following list contains many of the videos that we have produced to help you get started implementing your APIs.

our coming events

Don't miss out the opportunity to attend any of the public and open sessions where we discuss trending topics in simple terms,

such as Cloud Made Easy, APIs Made Easy and Code Made Easy.



by Franco Ucci Senior Director Oracle Cloud

At this 2 hour session, Franco will explain and demonstrate how the Oracle Cloud Platform provides:
- Many Infrastructure Entry Points
- Applications Usage beyond original purpose
- Mobile and Bot Enablement
- Faster Building of New Apps

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by David Reid and Carlos Rodriguez Iturria Cloud Technologists

If you want to learn how to design APIs, build APIs, secure APIs or deploy APIs in Oracle Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, or any of your corporate data- centres, then this workshop is for you.

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by Jason Lowe and Peter Laurie Cloud Technologists

In July 2017, the global developer conference #OracleCode, came to Sydney. #OracleCode is an event for developers to learn about the latest developer technologies, practices, and trends. Jason Lowe and Peter Laurie are bringing a piece of #OracleCode Sydney to you in this 4-hour session called .CODE Made Easy..

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